I have always loved being practical and resourceful, whether in the office, the workshop or at home and have enjoyed solving problems for others.  So, after a long office-based career I decided to further develop my interest in making things and had the adventure of my life in Maine back in 2008/2009 where I spent 9 months learning how to make furniture at the wonderful CFC woodschool in Rockport.  This was such a life enhancing experience which made me realise that ‘making things’ was where my heart lay and with this in mind went back to work in offices until I could find the right route for me.

Several years later I was introduced to the ‘laser cutter’ at the Maklab in Glasgow and immediately knew that this piece of technology offered countless opportunities to be creative and I was finally able to purchase my own machine in 2015.  It has been a long journey but with the support and encouragement of family, friends and customers I am now able to spend my time making all sorts of unique and interesting products in my new workshop at Studio 1 in West Kilbride.  Limited by imagination only, everyone sees different opportunities and I am always open to a challenge so look forward to maybe making a personalised gift tag, a hairy coo coaster, a topographical representation of the Isle of Arran or other geographical area …..such a variety of gifts and so exciting.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and I look forward to welcoming you to the studio